Blast Car Wash

Full Blast

Experience the pinnacle of car pampering with our Full Blast package, meticulously designed to give your vehicle comprehensive care and attention.

What’s Included in Full Blast?

  1. Wipe Down Beyond: Dashboard, Console, Door Jambs, and Door Panels

    • Our detail-oriented team ensures every inch of your car’s interior receives a thorough wipe down, including the often overlooked door panels, leaving no corner untouched.
  2. Vacuum: A Deep Clean Inside

    • Our powerful vacuuming ensures the elimination of debris, dust, and dirt from every nook and cranny of your car’s interior, leaving it fresh and pristine.
  3. Towel Dry: Perfect Finish

    • Your vehicle receives a meticulous towel dry, ensuring a spotless, streak-free exterior that gleams with renewed radiance.
  4. Crystal-Clear Interior Windows

    • Enjoy exceptional visibility and a polished look as we meticulously clean and shine your car’s interior windows to perfection.
  5. Tire Shine: Enhancing Appearance

    • Elevate your car’s aesthetic with our tire shine application, giving your tires a renewed sheen and enhancing their appearance.
  6. Clean Floor Mats: Refreshed for Comfort

    • We go the extra mile to ensure even your floor mats are thoroughly cleaned, making every step in your vehicle a delightful experience.

The Ultimate Care for Your Car

Our Full Blast service goes above and beyond, offering an all-encompassing treatment that revitalizes your vehicle inside and out. Treat your car to the ultimate pampering session it deserves.

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