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Mini Blast

Give your vehicle the quick yet comprehensive care it deserves with our Mini Blast package, designed to rejuvenate your car’s appearance efficiently.

What’s Included in Mini Blast?

  1. Wheel N Wax Exterior Wash: Our specialized exterior wash pampers your vehicle, leaving it sparkling clean and adding a touch of shine.

  2. Interior Detailing

    • Wipe Down Dashboard, Console, Door Jambs: Thorough cleaning for a pristine interior, ensuring every surface shines.
    • Towel Dry: A meticulous towel dry ensures your vehicle is left without water spots, ensuring a spotless finish.
  3. Interior Brilliance

    • Vacuum: Complete interior vacuuming removes dust and debris, providing a clean and fresh interior for your comfort.
    • Tire Shine: Enhance your tires’ appearance with our tire shine application, adding a polished look to your vehicle.
  4. Crystal Clear Windows

    • Interior Windows: Clear, streak-free windows for optimal visibility and a fresh, polished finish.

Efficiency Meets Brilliance

Our Mini Blast service offers a swift refresh for your vehicle, ensuring a sparkling appearance without compromising your time or the quality of care.

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They cleaned it so well I did the inside special for 59.99 I still have a really clean car! It's been almost 2 weeks!
Sadie Benge
Sadie Benge
New owner does what he can to make things right the first time. I will be back.
Anna Reeves
Anna Reeves
Never had an issue. Always working well. 11 or 13 dollars optiona.
Roxana Elizabeth
Roxana Elizabeth
Easy and quick
Naudia Emziah
Naudia Emziah
Did a very good job
Diana Wittkopp
Diana Wittkopp